7 November 2021

Harry Rennie (Hearts, Hibernian)

By Tolga Genç

We continue the history of world football. We came to 1900 in the world leagues, Britain, and the 1910s in our country. You can find all of these stories on the blog.
The British are the first to play football in their own country and the world. As can be understood from the history and stories, they did not only make it play first but later had many effects. When we talk about the history of football, we also talk about the prominent goalkeepers of that period. Next up is Harry Rennie.
Scottish goalkeeper was born in 1873 in Greenock. While playing in the midfield for Morton in Division 2 (Division 2), he made his first goal at 23. After this minute, he brought some innovations to goalkeeping. For example, he was leaving the goal in the penalty area and narrowing the angle or trying to disrupt the strikers with their gaze and body language. It showed itself quickly with these innovations, and in 1898, Heart of Midlothian signed a contract for 50 pounds. He played here for two seasons and achieved second place and fourth place. While he was going to transfer to Celtic later, that was broken at the last moment, and Rennie was transferred to Hearts’ arch-rival Hibernian.
He became a hero in his club, where he played for eight seasons until 1908. During this period, they won the Scottish League and Cup while playing for the Scotland national team 13 times and the Scottish League team 7 times. After transferring to Rangers in 19058, he left football at about 40 in Morton, where he started playing in 1912.
In the image, Rennie, sitting on the far right in the front row, is called the Prince of Scottish goalkeepers. We will continue with British goalkeepers and soon the first goalkeeper to wear gloves 😊